We looking forward to welcoming you back!

Appointments update

Our salon teams are looking forward to welcoming our clients back into the salon.

We have been working hard to provide a safe environment for staff and clients in all 9 salons.
We’re preparing for our salons teams to return, all have had training in place for their teams prior opening.
Our salons will be touch over the next couple of weeks to offer you an appointment. As we won’t be opening our on line booking system until we have offered all our loyal regular clients first an appointment as priority.

Our Covid-19 safety measures

What you need to know visiting our salons, This is a guide for clients to explain our new measures in place to protect you and our teams.

Covid-19 symptoms

We cannot carry out services if you or anyone you live with or have come into contact with have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Arriving for your appointment

Arrive for your appointment on time and maintain the 2 meter social distance and use the hand sanitiser provided.

On arrival to our salons please wait at the designated marked out area, please do not enter the salon or sit in reception areas. A staff member will be waiting on you to welcome you back to the salon.
Our teams are providing each client with a longer appointment. We have scheduled a set number of clients to be in the salon at any one time so is vital that clients arrive on time for their designated time slot.

Skin testing

For us to carry out your colour service you may need a skin test 48 hrs prior your appointment. All clients require a skin test each year, however if you have had a colour in the last 6 month this will cover you. A skin test only takes a short time to do and can be done at the same time as your cut appointment, or contact your salon to schedule a skin test appointment. Please note we won’t be able to carry out a skin test if you don’t have an appointment.

PPE Service charge

Due to providing longer appointments times to provide a safe service and give us extra time to clean down between clients and provide PPE for clients and staff there will be a PPE surcharge to each client. Please ask your salon at time of booking for the charge.

Colour services

We will carry out a consultation on the phone prior making your colour appointment;
Please note that your colour service may cost extra due to;

  • More time and colour required due to colour fade and consequences of long regrowths.
  • Colour matching if coloured at home since last salon visit.
  •  Colour correction services to achieve a perfect result.

Please note it may not be possible to achieve your desired colour in one visit if you have coloured your hair at home , Stylists will be discussed during consultation before commencing your colour service.


We require clients to wear a face mask for their appointment at all times. Although we will try our upmost to work around your mask we would advice a spare mask is brought with you incase it gets wet, has hair cuttings or colour stains.

Arriving for your appointment

On arrival to our salons please wait at the designated marked out area, please do not enter the salon or sit in reception areas.

Clients only for appointments

Please attend your appointment by yourself, we can only accommodate one person for each appointment time slot, this includes all children. We can only except unaccompanied children over the age of 13 years old at present.

Sanitisation areas

We require all clients to use the sterilising station provided at reception prior to entering the salon area.

All clients will be greeted at our screened reception area and directed to the appropriate area for your service.

Your stylist will be the only person in close contact with you during your visit. All staff will carry out your service wearing a mask and apron.


We cannot unfortunately provide magazines your welcome to bring your own magazines into the salon or phones to use during your appointment.


Our salons will provide refreshments in disposable cups only with lids prepared by staff where gloves and face masks.


Clients must keep their costs and bags with them staff will not take costs or jackets to avoid contamination.

Customer toilets

Will be available for clients to use , we will mark out the areas , please follow the salons guidance to maintain your safety.

Quite time

Observe quite time at the backwash
Clients are asked to not talk at the backwash as the shampooing hair the hairdresser will be in close proximity so no talking is permitted.

Less contact appointments

Our staff will provide clients on request if you would like an appointment when there are less clients and staff in the salon. Please ask at the time of booking.

Booking fee

Some salons may require clients to pay a booking fee of 50% of their appointment cost in advance if required from clients that have missed previous appointments over the last year or canceled with notice.


We require 48 hours notice on all appointments if you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment. (Please note due to current restrictions our appointments will be extended where possible only one client with a stylist at any one time. We therefore cannot lose vital appointments to other clients wishing to attend the salons.

One last word

We are all really looking forward to welcoming our clients back into our salons, any questions or concerns please get into contact with the Contemporary salon you wish to visit directly.