Hair Colour

Reach your hair goals with sensational hair colour from the colour experts at Contemporary Salons across North Yorkshire.  Our highly skilled colour technicians can create classic looks including the ever-popular blonde highlights and full head of colour, as well as the latest hair colour trends including bespoke balayage, ombre and fashion colours. 

Why not begin your hair colour journey by booking into your local Contemporary Salon for a complimentary hair colour consultation today? This helps us to understand exactly what you want to achieve with your hair.  It's also important to us that we get your hair look just right which is why we offer a seven-day guarantee.  If you are not happy with your hair, just come back within seven days so we can discuss the issues and come up with some options to help with your hair.  

Please note: A quick allergy test is required 48 hours before all hair colouring services.

Balayage Colour Experts

Balayage is one of the most popular hair trends right now because it gives your hair a beautiful sun-kissed look and is low-maintenance when it comes to root regrowth (or lack of it!)

For those who are unsure what balayage is, let us explain. Our colour experts will add delicate vertical sections of colour throughout your hair, usually leaving a slightly darker colour towards the roots and mid-lengths, growing lighter towards the ends.  Sun-kissed blonde balayage is the most asked-for look, but we can also create other balayage looks including red balayage and pastel balayage shades.  

A more dramatic look can be achieved with ombre hair colour where you will see a more two-tone effect between the contrasting colours.  Very often, clients bring in images to show us of the balayage or ombre look they desire as there are many different 'takes' on the balayage look.


Blonde Hair Colours

We love creating blonde hair colours and offer a wonderful range of blonde shades including bold platinum blondes, golden blondes, ash blondes and strawberry blondes.  You can make a big statement with a full head of colour or choose a more subtle update with some blonde highlights or blonde balayage.

For those looking to completely change hair colour - maybe transitioning from brunette to blonde - please book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation at your local Contemporary Salon in North Yorkshire.  We can then talk through the look you desire, assess your hair, and come up with a plan that will work beautifully for you and your hair. It's worth bearing in mind that a complete colour change may take more than one appointment.  


Bold Hair Colours

Those looking for a head-turning hair shade really can choose from the colours of the rainbow... and more!   We can create permanent and semi-permanent hair colours which are vibrant and bold including pillar box reds, bright blues, purples, yellows and pinks.

Once we've created your head-turning hair colour, we'll give you advice on how to keep it looking vibrant by using the right professional hair care products alongside colour top-up visits to your favourite Contemporary Hair Salon.

We are also dab-hands at creating beautiful pastel colours including dusky pink hair colours, pretty lilacs, violets and baby blue hair shades.  If you are interested in a fashion hair colour - perhaps paired with a cool hair technique - simply book in for a consultation today. 


Classic Hair Colours

The classic colours of blonde, brunette and redhead have been around forever and show no sign of diminishing in popularity.  While blonde and red hair colours are bright and breezy, nothing shouts 'healthy hair' quite like a glossy brunette hair shade.

We have a wonderful palette of hair colours to choose from and only use the best professional colouring products from the internationally renowned L'Oreal colour specialists. 

Our hair colour experts are also highly trained to find a hair colour that matches your skin tone and eye colour... as well as your individual sense of style.  So whether you want a bright blonde, a ravishing red hair colour, or a brilliant brunette, just give your local Contemporary Salon a call to start your hair colour journey. 

Hair Colour Appointments At Contemporary Salons In North Of England

We love welcoming guests into our nine hairdressing salons across the North of England.  To book in for a colour appointment or for a complimentary colour consultation, please either contact your local salon via the numbers below or book online here.