Models Wanted

Models Wanted At Contemporary Salons In North East England

Hair offers at Contemporary Salons in Darlington Marske Stokesley Guisborough Middlesbrough Harrogate Stockton YarmThe Contemporary Hair Academy is continually sourcing hair models for their training Academy. 

Our aim is to provide an outstanding service with consideration to the model's needs, which may range from a restyle, new colour or a maintenance cut and colour.  You will be looked after by our apprentices who are supervised by our fully experienced educators.

Training Prices

Cut & Finish  £12

L'Oreal Colour Days £20

To book a cut & finish appointment, please click on the button below and select "Contemporary Academy". For our L'Oreal colour days please email 



Frequently Asked Questions


When do you need models?


Most appointments are either in the morning or afternoon. The time of your appointment will be confirmed when booking. As this is a training session your appointment will be longer than a normal cut and finish, and no pressure must be put on the student to be finished by a certain time.

Will I need a patch test?


Yes, a sensitivity test or patch test will be required 48 hours in advance of some hair colour services.  We will confirm this when we book you in for your appointment. 

What if I need to cancel my appointment?


To secure your booking we will require payment in full upfront. If you need to cancel your appointment the amount will be fully refunded as long as you give us a minimum of 96 hours notice. The cost will also be fully refunded if we cannot provide the service for any reason. If you need to cancel you will be able to do this online up to 96 hours before your appointment; however you will need to contact us for a refund. anything after this time please email

Will I have to pay for my hair service?


Yes, but you will pay a reduced amount as one of our trainee hairdressers will tend to your hair needs (under close supervision from a qualified stylist).  A ladies' cut & finish will cost £12 and a gent's cut & finish will cost £8. Our L'Oreal colour days are £20.