Introducing WELLA System Professional

System Professional WELLA Products Contemporary Salons North East England

System Professional Now Available at Contemporary Salons

Contemporary Salons in North East England are proud to now stock the WELLA System Professional range of hair care products at selected locations. These scientifically-formulated products are designed to allow you to create, tame and conquer your hair.

Each product has been specially formulated to target a different need and concern to give you your healthiest locks yet.

With a diverse range of products to choose from, including scalp-soothing and colour-saving hair care to repairing, moisturising and volumising solutions - your Contemporary stylist will recommend the right products for you, whatever your hair care needs.

Interested in finding out more? Contact your nearest Contemporary Salon today to book your consultation! 

System Professional ENERGYCODE

Hair reacts and responds to products differently, and that's why we now use a 'mapping' system similar to that of high-end skincare products to give every client their own bespoke ENERGYCODE.

An ENERGYCODE is a personalised recommendation of System Professional products that we recommend for in-salon and home use. This innovative consultation programme allows your Contemporary Stylist to be very specific in the products that they recommend.

With over 170 million possible combinations of product choice, this really is all about bespoke haircare. We offer a complimentary consultation to determine your individual ENERGYCODE, making sure you get the very best product advice!

System Professional is organised into 4 x categories:

1: Derma: All the products in this category are designed to take care of the scalp.
2: Fibra: Products that help restructure the hair and help protect against damage.
3: Forma: This range delivers optimum energy to all hair types.
4: Extra: A specific selection of high performance products created to re-energise the hair.

Contemporary Salons offering this service have been trained in the concept of the brand and the product knowledge. Please ask for any advice or information on your next salon visit!