We want to 100% reassure you that we are doing absolutely everything to ensure your safety during your visit in any of our salons. To provide you with a safe environment each salon has carried out a thorough risk assessment of their premises following the guidelines issued by Government and our local authority.


  • Our team has received thorough training in our new guidelines to provide a service in a safe, hygienic, professional manner.
  • The salon is clearly marked out promoting social distancing throughout your journey.
  • Anti-bacterial gel/wipes/soap stations are provided on entering/leaving and throughout the salon.
  • We will ensure adequate ventilation throughout with doors and windows open where possible.
  • Some of our salons are installing protective screens where required.
  • The salon will be cleaned with a steriliser during and at the end of each day from top to bottom.
  • Each section and chair will be sterilised following each client.
  • All equipment will be sterilised with Barbicide and disinfectant sprays before and after use.
  • Some of our salons are providing disposable gowns and towels and others will be laundering after each use.
  • We are providing our staff with masks and visors and they will wash their hands before and after each client.
  • All staff will receive a temperature check upon entering the salon each day.
  • We are providing longer, staggered appointments to minimise the number of clients in the salon at any one time.
  • Refreshments will be available, served in disposable cups.
  • Please note that no magazines will be available, however your more than welcome to provide your own

Our NEW Client Journey

We will continue to deliver our ultimate service to ensure your visit is a pleasurable, relaxing experience. Our experienced teams are looking forward to welcoming you into the salon and are here to give you advice on your hair goals, creating bespoke styling and colouring services. The salon is clearly marked out promoting a 2-metre social distance, we will guide you throughout your journey.

  • On entering the salon, it is clearly marked out to guide you. You will be greeted by a member of our reception team.
  • We have provided a sterilization station at reception; we require each client to use prior entering the salon area.
  • We will greet each client one at a time and guide you to a workstation for your consultation and service with your Stylist, each workstation is 2 metres apart.
  • You will need to provide a bag to put any belonging in, including your coat. We will give you a gown which will be disposable or laundered after use.
  • Your Stylist will be with you throughout the remainder of your service wearing a visor.
  • Each section will provide sanitizer for you to use throughout your service.
  • The basin area is now a quite zone to minimise contamination through conversation, however we will continue to provide a luxury experience at the backwash area as part of your service.
  • We are continuing to provide a menu of refreshments which are now served in disposable cups.

Our Customers

  • Please do not attend an appointment if: you have a temperature, or you are unwell; if you are self-isolating or if you have been in contact with anyone with symptoms.
  • We cannot except walk-ins therefore you must pre-book, please note that any skin testing will require an appointment also.
  • We are requesting that each client attends their appointment alone to adhere to the maximum amount of people allowed in the building at any one time. Please note children or anyone requiring a chaperone will require a bespoke appointment at a quiet time.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment, we have scheduled an extended specific time slot for each client, giving us time to clean down each workstation between clients.
  • We require clients to wear a face mask for their appointment at all times. Although we will try our upmost to work around your mask we would advice a spare mask is brought with you incase it gets wet, has hair cuttings or colour stains.
  • We require 48 hours’ notice for any cancellations.
  • Follow the marked-out areas throughout your visit to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • Use the hand sanitiser station provided at reception before entering the salon area, and the complementary sanitizers provided on each workstation throughout your service.
  • Provide a bag to put all your belonging in, including your coat. This is always to be kept at the workstation zone throughout your visit.
  • Our team members cannot touch your clothing so you will need to put your coat off and on, then keep in the bag you have provided.
  • You will also need to put your own gown on, a disposable or freshly laundered gown will be provided.
  • Although our teams are wearing visors, we require the basin area to be a quite zone throughout that part of your service.
  • We ask you to pay using cashless means where possible.
  • During the first month of opening our focus is doing core services, however we can provide longer services upon request. Please contact your salon so a longer appointment can be made available.
  • We are happy to discuss any concerns, please contact your salon to speak to a member of our team.