Rachel is by far the most experienced stylist, not just within the salon, but within all of Contemporary. She has been with the salon group for over 23 years, and was trained by the company Directors and was the company’s first Apprentice.

For the last 15 years she has worked in our salon and started as a Style Director and was the Salon Manager as well as the staff trainer. After having her first little boy – Luca, she returned to work and within 3 hours of clients having her return date, she was fully booked! Popular to say the least and a much-loved stylist by all our clients. Now a mum of two, she works two days, and just about fits in her long line of loyal clients; however she always does with a friendly welcome and her level of consistency is impeccable.

She is national treasure and the roots of the salon. Despite passing on the training baton to Zoe, she is still supportive and assists all our current Trainee Hairdressers, and can be accredited for the success of our current Stylists.